About Floratos, Loll & Devine
William A. Floratos, Esq.
FLORATOS, LOLL & DEVINE is a professional law corporation
located in Santa Ana, California.  FLD was established in
1988 with a dedication to serving its clients.  FLD emphasizes
the practice of business law and is active in both litigation and
transactional matters.  FLD is a.v. rated by Martindale-Hubbell
Law Directory, as are its principals, William A Floratos, Esq.
and Robert A. Loll, Esq.

The litigation practice of FLD encompasses all types of
commercial and business litigation.  The firm has substantial
litigation experience regarding real estate matters, real estate
partnerships and joint ventures, building development and
construction law, commercial disputes, collections, creditor
matters, and workouts.  The firm’s litigation practice focuses
on complex business litigation matters, but includes matters
less complex such as collections.  William A. Floratos, Esq., a
founding member and senior principal and shareholder of the
firm, oversees the FLD’s litigation practice.

The transactional practice of FLD includes substantive
corporate and business law, organization of business
entities, business finance, securities, mergers, acquisitions
and recombinations.  The firm has developed familiarity with
secured transactions, commercial relationships, commercial
lending and mortgage law.  The firm’s transactional practice
also includes contract law, employment law, real estate law,
land use, and administrative law.  The transactional practice
of the firm is lead by Robert A. Loll, Esq., a founding member
and senior partner and shareholder of Floratos, Loll & Devine.

Complimenting the practice areas set forth above, FLD has
developed a unique ability to act as outside house counsel
providing its clients with executive coordination and oversight
as to the legal activities and services of other law firms.
William A. Floratos, Esq., graduated from
Pepperdine University School of Law, was
admitted to the State Bar of California in
1983, and is a founding principal of FLD
with over 26 years of litigation experience.  
Mr. Floratos has been a principal of the firm
since its inception in 1988.  Prior to that
time, Mr. Floratos had established his own
successful law practice emphasizing
representation of clients in litigation.  Mr.
Floratos is an experienced trial lawyer who
leads the litigation practice of FLD.  His
practice entails the representation of clients
in complex business litigation matters.  Mr.
Floratos has successfully prosecuted
cases resulting in  multi-million dollar
awards for his clients.  Mr Floratos has
represented real estate syndicates,
developers, builders, manufacturers,
distributors, and service providers.  Mr.
Floratos' present and past affiliations
include the Trial Lawyers Association of
America, the American Bar Association, and
the Orange County Bar Association.  Mr.
Floratos has lectured at schools and
Universities regarding business law and
business litigation matters.
Robert A. Loll, Esq.
Robert A. Loll, Esq., graduated from
Pepperdine University School of Law, was
admitted to the State Bar of California in
1985, and is one of the firm’s founding
principals with over 24 years of transactional
law experience.  Mr. Loll has been a
principal of FLD since its founding in March,
1988.  Mr. Loll is responsible for
management of the firm’s transactional
practice.  His practice areas consist of
corporate and business entity law, corporate
and business finance, securities, mergers,
acquisitions, and business
recombinations.  Mr. Loll’s practice places
special emphasis on business transactions
including merger and acquisition work.  Mr.
Loll also represents clients in regard to real
estate matters and real estate mortgage
lending law.  Mr. Loll’s present and past
affiliations include the American Bar
Association Section on Corporate Securities
and the Orange County Bar Association
Sections on Corporate Securities and
Finance and Corporate and Business
Organizations.  Mr Loll has publically
spoken on the topics of business formation,
organization, securities exemptions,
mergers and acquisitions.
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